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Are pro-lifers self-righteous?

So, it looks like my post from last week has some critics. I thank Christine for the post and I was hoping for a little discussion on equality and rights for the unborn, but maybe next time (I guess debating the personhood of the unborn is tough?). In the comments section Christine said something interesting:

…and if my side is reactionary, yours is nothing but self-righteous…

That got me thinking. Are pro-lifers self-righteous? Do we feel morally superior to pro-choicers? Are we so absorbed with the rights of the unborn and abortion that we fail to find common ground with pro-choicers and work with them?

First, it is important to note that I am pro-life because I believe the pro-life side to be true. There is no other reason for me to be on this blog unless I am convinced that the unborn are persons and that others need to come to this realization, as well. Therefore, it is not a matter of I am right because I am so smart and wonderful, but rather it is a realization of the truth of the pro-life side and a desire to spread that message of the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death.

Furthermore, I am not pro-life so that I can put other people beneath me and tell them what to do. I respect everyone’s freedom and choices because we are all human beings with free will. However, and I think even pro-choicers will agree with me, when that freedom impedes or harms another person, then you have crossed a line. Pro-choicers believe that by outlawing abortion we are impeding and harming women. However, any society that has to resort to abortion has failed women. If a woman has no support, is frightened and has no other alternatives then abortion is not a choice but rather a necessity. The last thing authentic pro-lifers want to do is to put women down or to make them feel even more scared than they may already feel. We understand that an unplanned pregnancy is a difficult situation to face for any woman. Therefore, there are pro-lifers who run crisis pregnancy centres so that women can have the support and care they need to ensure they choose life for their children. Crisis pregnancy centres have gotten a bad rap recently but, minus the media bias, they do more than Planned Parenthood when it comes to taking care of mothers and their children.

Now, I will grant the pro-choice side the fact that they truly want choice. I just want to ask a question: What are pro-choicers doing to ensure that pregnant women actually have a choice? I do not know of any pro-choice pregnancy centres but if they are helping pregnant women in any way, please let me know.

I think pro-choicers may also believe we are self-righteous because there are some pro-lifers, although not all, who disagree with birth control. Not only are we taking away a woman’s right to choose, but we are telling her what to do in the privacy of her own bedroom (nevermind the fact that there are pro-choicers in the States who would like to keep us out of their bedrooms but pick up the tab, but that will be for another post). The University of Toronto Students for Life has no opinion on birth control (unless, of course, they can act as abortifacients) but you cannot deny the link between birth control and abortion. In fact, the United States Supreme Court had this to say in the 1992 ruling of Planned Parenthood vs. Casey:

But to do this would be simply to refuse to face the fact that, for two decades of economic and social developments, people have organized intimate relationships and made choices that define their views of themselves and their places in society, in reliance on the availability of abortion in the event that contraception should fail.

In other words, abortion has to remain legal because for the last few decades it has been available as “back-up birth control”. It is quite logical once you think about it. However, pro-lifers bring it up because it is true not because we are so wonderful at self-control and we think that women who use contraception are heathens.

In addition, pro-lifers are not trying to solely work through the courts to get rid of abortion. We are, primarily, trying to raise awareness on the ground level through dialogue and education. We do this in sun or rain and whether it is warm or freezing cold. We realize that raising awareness for the rights of the unborn is something that needs to be done not for our sake but for the sake of those who do not have a voice.

Finally, the reason pro-lifers usually do not try to find common ground with pro-choicers is that we believe in the personhood of the unborn and they do not. If you truly believe that the unborn are human beings who have rights then abortion can never be a choice. How can you justify murdering someone when you acknowledge that they have rights like you and me? Does that mean it is okay for someone to murder you for any reason? If pro-choicers, for example, want to help at crisis pregnancy centres that is great. However, we will not allow anyone to tell a woman that if all else fails then it would be alright to murder her child. That should never be a choice. The most bogus claim is when a person says that they believe that the unborn are persons but they themselves should stay out of the woman’s “choice”. That is not acceptable. If your neighbour was beating his wife every night would you say to yourself, “spousal abuse is wrong but I am going to stay out of it.”? I would hope you would have the courage to call the police. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. Again, it is truth that drives us to speak up against abortion, not that it makes us feel good and mighty.

I hope I have done a good enough job at pointing out why pro-lifers are not self-righteous. If I have missed anything, please comment 🙂


UTSFL Protest Videos

November 11, 2010 2 comments

What a good day to stand up for life! Even though the pro-choicers were there with their microphone, we still made our voices heard. Great job to everyone who was there!

You never know who is pro-life

August 16, 2010 1 comment

As I was talking to my girlfriend on Friday, she mentioned that Show the Truth was staging a protest in front of her building. Just like me, she is pro-life and told her mother (who also works at the same building) what was going on outside. Her fellow co-workers were kind of annoyed that there was a protest and asked her if she agreed with what was going on out there. To her credit, she said that she is pro-life and she probably knew people who were protesting out there. Instead of getting insults, her co-workers actually agreed with the cause! Then, she had a conversation with a guy sitting beside her about life and she defended her position quite well. And, to top it all off, the guy was agreeing with her!

I bring this scenario up because first of all I was very proud of her for standing her ground. As pro-lifers, we have a duty to share the truth with others in a charitable way so that they realize what a grave crime abortion really is. Also, I bring this up as a motivator for those of you who may prefer to shy away from claiming you are pro-life for fear of ridicule or scorn. My girlfriend did not know that her fellow co-workers would be sympathetic to the cause but she said the truth about herself anyways. This is what we all must do if we are to change people’s hearts and minds about abortion, euthanasia and other life issues. We may not always find people who are sympathetic to the cause but shying away from the issue is not good for anybody. We have to be bold so that when the occasion arises, we can voice the truth about the horror of abortion without fear of what others will think.

In my own experience, I wear a pro-life pin (the one of a child’s feet at 10 weeks gestation) and one of my classmates asked me where I got it. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should say I got it at the March for Life because that may have sparked a controversial debate. But, I decided I was going to say it and he simply said “that’s cool. What is the March for Life?” and I told him about it and how it is an annual protest for life. He was interested in what I had to say and there was no ridicule or scorn, just someone who now knows that the March for Life does exist.

If you are worried about what to say, the University of Toronto Students for Life holds Pro-life 101  and 201 sessions during the school year to better prepare pro-lifers in defending the unborn and other vulnerable individuals. Among each other, it is easy to be pro-life and to talk about it. However, we have to do more than just talk about it in our pro-life circles. We have to make this message known to those who have never heard this message and to those who have a negative view of being pro-life. It is difficult, but doable and who knows, you may find one or two “closet” pro-lifers in your journey!

Press Release: Lakehead University Student Union Votes to Ban Pro-Life Club

November 6, 2009 21 comments

Press Release

November 3rd 2009

Lakehead University Student Union Votes to Ban Pro-Life Club

On October 29th the Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) voted 7:6 in favour of banning the campus club, Lakehead University Life Support (LULS). This development occurred after the club had battled with LUSU for over two years and was finally granted club status in March.

Fair treatment of LULS was short lived however as their club status was called into question after a false complaint was made against the club after a clubs day display table event. LUSU never proved that this accusation was true nor did they even attempt to verify its veracity but it played a significant role during the discussion at the meeting.

LULS was denied club status with a motion brought forward by Josh Kolic, LUSU’s VP Finance. Kolic’s justification for taking away their status was that LULS is an “exclusive” club with “extremist views on abortion”.

Maggie Ten Hoeve, LULS President, explains, “We are disappointed yet again in our student union. It is understood that on a university campus ideologies and beliefs will be expressed that may be opposite to others. Instead our student union is anxious to shut down these discussions at the first mention of a false accusation without any investigation.”

The club will be appealing this decision.

Contact Information:
Maggie Ten Hoeve, President Lakehead University Life Support, 807-620-5926 /
Emil Booyink, Lakehead University Life Support Executive, 807-251-5710 /

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Project Ultrasound: See the Difference

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Project Ultrasound looks like a very worthy charity to support (via Thomas Peters). (I wonder if there are any similar initiatives in Canada?)

Between seventy and ninety-percent of “abortion minded” mothers who see an ultrasound choose life, but only 40% of crisis pregnancy centers nationwide are equipped with ultrasound machines due their extremely high cost. Project Ultrasound raises awareness about the effectiveness of ultrasound machines in preventing abortion, but most importantly we raise funds for the purpose of assisting crisis pregnancy centers in purchasing ultrasound machines and ultrasound training.

Also, check out their Facebook cause if you’re into that sort of thing.

Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians

SarahB left a comment in the ProWomanProLife post about gender based abortions in Sweden linking to the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. I know some gay pro-lifers, personally, but I’d never heard of an organized effort. The organization seems mostly US-based, but they’ve just started a blog, and they’ve got some interesting media releases from the past decade or so. Definite worth checking out the site.

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